Norton Farms Meat CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

As of January 2020 we will changing the CSA system to a NO COMMITMENT program. This means you can now go month to month with no more 4 month terms. You will now have to join our yearly FARM MEMBERSHIP to participate in the monthly CSA Meat Box program. You will also have the ability to choose more of your own selections in your Meat CSA box.

What is a Meat CSA?

What is a Meat CSA? CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. It's a partnership with a trusted farmer. The farmer focuses on producing and providing high quality, organically and naturally raised meats like free range chicken, pastured pork and grass fed / pasture raised beef. 


The CSA members support the local farmer helping them to provide the products that members want like grass fed / pasture raised beef, pastured pork and free range chicken. By purchasing a meat CSA, the farmer knows exactly how many animals to raise instead of guessing. For the meat CSA member, this means they will be priority over any other customers at the farm.

$199 / Month 1-3 people

4 Lbs. Ground Beef

4 Lbs. Bacon

4 Lbs. Sausage or Ground Pork

4 doz. Eggs

7 Lbs. Avg. Whole Chicken

*Everyone basic package

4 Lbs. Beef  - Your Choice

4 Lbs Pork  - Your Choice

4 Lbs Poultry - Your Choice

Approx. 31 Lbs of Meat each month



$299 / Month 2-5 people

4 Lbs. Ground Beef

4 Lbs. Bacon

4 Lbs. Sausage or Ground Pork

4 doz. Eggs

7 Lbs. Avg. Whole Chicken

*Everyone basic package

10 Lbs. Beef - Your Choice

10 Lbs Pork  - Your Choice

6 Lbs Poultry - Your Choice

Approx. 45 Lbs of Meat each month



Pick-Up / Shipping  Day

1) Norton Farms 2687 Countyline Rd. 74 RR# 1 Hagersville Ontario, N0A 1H0

1st Saturday of the month from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

3rd Saturday of the month from 10:00 AM – 5:00 P

2) Ship to your door any where in Ontario via courier & cooler box for $45 per month per box. We will ship during the week on either the 1st or 3rd week of each month


All CSA members must also be farm members. This is a yearly membership of $99.00 and comes with many other benefits besides CSA membership.

Payment Methods

Meat CSA Payment Plans

Cash at the farm

Cheque at the farm 

Interact e-Transfer to info@nortonfarms.com with password "meatcsa"

Most major credit cards


Member’s Choice of Organic & Pasture Raised Meats

A minimum of 10 days before pickup or delivery, each member must fill out the form below with their choice of  meats they want in the “choice” part of the meat CSA. Every box gets “basic” cuts of grass fed / pasture raised beef, free range chicken and pastured pork. Then the “choice” part of the meat CSA is up to each member to decide what they’d like from the choices on the lists.


CSA Membership periods

Each Membership period is for ONE MONTH. Meat boxes must be picked up on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of each month and ORDERS FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT A MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS BEFORE PICK UP. 


FAQs about Meat CSA

How many people can each meat share size feed?

Box #1 is good for 2-4 people
Box #2 for 4 or more people

Can I choose different selections each month or is it the same each month?

Every month you can choose whatever you want for your choices, in fact we encourage this so you get to try all the yummy meat we have to offer. 


Do members pick up or does Norton Farms deliver?

Both! We have a pick up location at our farm. Each meat CSA member selects either to pick up on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of each month. We also provide meat DELIVERY to any address in Ontario for only $45 shipping fee for Box #1 and $90 for Box #2 It’s a great way to buy organic meat online.

When can I pick up my monthly meat boxes at the farm?

1st or 3rd Saturday of the month


Can I use my Credit Card to pay for my CSA?

Yes we take most major credit cards, cash, and debit cards. You can also sign up for automatic CSA payment plans on our website


Can we choose what’s in our share?

Absolutely! We have set each box to have a “basic” package that everyone gets. After that, we will provide you with choice cuts of pastured pork, free range chicken or pasture raised beef. We call this the “choice” part of the meat CSA so each member can pick what’s best for them and their family.


What cuts of meat does the meat CSA have?

Most of our meat cuts are pretty standard, like steak. If there is a cut that’s new to you, an online search will give you plenty of great recipes. Who knows? They might even become family favourites!


What if there is too much for my family to eat each month? or

I’m a single person, and I want a meat CSA membership. What can you do for me?

The meat will last for many months in a freezer. It doesn’t need to be eaten all in one month. We are also able to move our members to a smaller box. All we need is at least 2 week’s notice.


Some of our members split their meat CSA share with friends or family members who want free range chicken, pastured pork or grass fed beef but don’t eat enough for a full share. By buying in bulk, it’s a lot cheaper than buying each cut of meat individually.


We’re going on holiday, what about our meat CSA?

Enjoy your time away!  We can switch a delivery to a family member, neighbour or friend during your vacation. You can have them stock up your freezer or see if they’d like to try your delicious grass fed / pasture raised beef, organic chicken or pastured pork.


Does Norton Farms offer refunds on memberships?

We would love to offer this service but the money from the meat CSA memberships goes to buying the animals, looking after them and keeping them healthy and happy. So this means no membership refund.


Do you ship outside of Ontario?

At this time, we only ship in Ontario. This is how we can provide SHIPPING to any address in Ontario.