Low Salt Rib Seasoning

Low Salt Rib Seasoning

Who doesn’t love BBQ ribs?! A staple that’ll make your mouth water, A rib rub that is not to be taken ‘lightly’. Formulated to be low in salt, it is safe to pound your ribs and lay it on heavy.

Feel free to continually layer your ribs throughout the cooking process too. The secret lies in the blend of international barbecuing cultures. 

A competitive and quality BBQ rub that will bring something powerful to your kitchen and some sizzle to those summer nights in the backyard.

Try it with chicken thighs and wings! Coat/rub the chicken liberally and allow the spices to fuse with the meat for a minimum of 1-2 hours prior to cooking. Remember, this formula is low in salt. If you find your chicken is shy in flavour then touch it up with sea salt.