Turkey Deposit - Thanksgiving 2020

Turkey Deposit - Thanksgiving 2020

Get your 2020 Thanksgiving Turkey deposit in ASAP we are doing a limited number of FREE RANGE TURKEYS this year and when they are all sold they are no more. We take a $50 deposit up front and then you pay the balance when you pick up. Pick up will be the Week of October 2020. All birds will be 15 to 20 lbs and they cost $3.99 / lbs. 

Q: Are they Turkeys fresh or frozen?
A: They will be fresh the pick up week of October 5th
Q: Do you have 10 lbs Turkeys?
A: We do not have 10 lbs turkeys so please do not ask for them

Q: Can I pick they size of my bird / Can I reseve a _____ Lbs turkey?

A: All birds are 15 - 20 lbs, if you wish a specific size we reccomend you come as soon as possible to get the size you want as it is first come first serve

Q: Are your Turkeys free range

A: Yes they all run around outside and eat grass and bugs and grain

Q: Are your Turkey antibiotic free?
A: Yes they are raised all natural with no Antibiotics

Q: If I give you a deposit and then can not come to get my turkey can I get my money back ?
A: No
Q: How do I cook a turkey?

A: We suggest googling that one :)

Q: Can you ship me my turkey
A: No sorry you will have to pick up at the farm store
Q: Do your Turkeys have any water pumped in them?

A: No we do not do that to any of our turkey or chicken



    Farm Store Hours:

    Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 AM -5:00 PM

    SUNDAY & Monday CLOSED 

    Covid-19 UPDATE: When placing online orders it may take up to 1 week or more to get your order ready, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US ASKING WHEN YOUR ORDER IS READY unless it has been more than a week. We will email and / or call you as soon as your order is ready and you may pick it up during regular business hours. We have increased order volumes and we are doing our very best to serve our WONDERFUL customers while keeping you safe and fed. Thank you for your increased support!!!

    Covid-19 UPDATE: We will no longer be able to offer shipping as our cooler box supplier is part of the shut down. Please still feel free to purchase online and pick up at the farm store. If you are in isolation we can bring pre-orders out to your car / truck