NEW Water Buffalo Yogurt is HERE!

Our new favorite product at Norton Farms

Yogurt made from just two ingredients: water-buffalo milk and bacterial culture

Some of the highlights of this delicious and unique milk include:

  • Higher in butterfat than cow milk

  • Buffalo milk creates a yogurt that’s dense and rich

  • Texture is close to a Greek-style yogurt

  • Taste that is flavourful but with a mellower tang than cow-milk yogurt and has a milder, sweeter finish.

We were a converts from the first spoonful. At Norton Farms we are also fans of full-fat not for the health benefits but moreover for the taste. Buffalo milk has some added nutritional benefits that tip the scales further in its favour. Though higher in butterfat (part of the reason the yogurt sets naturally without added thickeners), it has 43-per-cent less cholesterol than cow milk and 40-per-cent more protein and 58-per-cent more calcium than cow milk. And, if that isn’t enough cow butt-kicking, it also contains high levels of a naturally occurring antioxidant called tocopherol.

On top of all of what we mentioned above because the buffalo milk protein differs from cow’s, many people who suffer from cow’s-milk sensitivity can consume it with no trouble. It also maintains a long shelf life without added preservatives.

People who sometimes expect a gamy taste to the product fall in love as soon as they try it. Water Buffalo yogurt is also versatile: It makes an easy substitute for sour cream, cream or mayo in cooking and baking but also works perfectly in smoothies. Our favorite way to eat it is served with berries for an easy dessert. However if you would like to get creative and like to try new things drain in cheesecloth in the fridge to thicken and create a cream cheese.

In addition to everything we raved on about already, the best part is still to come, ready for it.......... The water buffalos this milk comes from are all 100% grass fed! That’s right GRASS FED YOGURT! Just try to find any type of cow milk product on the market in Ontario from 100% grass fed cows.

All of the family at Norton Farms is now eating Water Buffalo Yogurt with breakfast every morning.

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Covid-19 UPDATE: We will no longer be able to offer shipping as our cooler box supplier is part of the shut down. Please still feel free to purchase online and pick up at the farm store. If you are in isolation we can bring pre-orders out to your car / truck