Contest Time

January is CONTEST TIME!!! For all of January we will be running an in store contest. Here is how it works. For each person who spends $75 or more (CSA not included) you get a chance to pick a card and win some pretty AWESOME PRIZES

Possible Contest Prizes include:

  • 2 free steaks ( any cut)

  • 10% off your next purchase

  • Free 20 lbs. Pork box ($129 value)

  • Free 10 lbs of Ground beef ( $45 value)

  • 30% off your next purchase

  • Free BBQ package #1 ($99 value)

  • 2 lbs of Bacon Free

  • 2 Free Chicken Breasts

  • 1 Free Sirloin Steak

  • 5% off your next purchase

  • 2 Free NY Striploins

  • Free 5lbs of Sausage

  • Free 1 kg of honey

  • Free Ham Roast

  • 2 Free Pork Chops

  • 15% off your next purchase

Contest runs January 1st to January 31st 2018. A $75 purchase is required to enter. Not all participants will win a prize. Prizes must be used before December 31st 2018. This contest will only take place for purchases made at the farm store at Norton Farms location.

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Farm Store Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 AM -5:00 PM


Covid-19 UPDATE: When placing online orders it may take up to 1 week or more to get your order ready, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US ASKING WHEN YOUR ORDER IS READY unless it has been more than a week. We will email and / or call you as soon as your order is ready and you may pick it up during regular business hours. We have increased order volumes and we are doing our very best to serve our WONDERFUL customers while keeping you safe and fed. Thank you for your increased support!!!

Covid-19 UPDATE: We will no longer be able to offer shipping as our cooler box supplier is part of the shut down. Please still feel free to purchase online and pick up at the farm store. If you are in isolation we can bring pre-orders out to your car / truck