Winter is here

Winter is here, I'd like to say we are ready but it never feels like it.

Fall went by way to quick and contrary to popular belief most farmers have more work in the winter then they do in the "season" especially if you keep livestock.

It seems farming is a never ending battle with the weather but winter is usually when it seems the weather wins more often that the farmer does.

The best example I can give is the recent ice storm we had this weekend, waking up Monday morning at 5AM instead if 6AM knowing chores were going to take a bit longer. The day started with a 15 minute battle to get into the skid steer as the ice had made it impossible to open the door. This followed with chipping all the ice off the plastic before it could be unwrapped from the silage bale that the cattle were creaming to be fed.

Anyways not complain just sharing the story of one farmers journey into winter, knowing there are 4 or 5 more months of this nasty stuff to go.

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